Survival PVE/PVP

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Connect and Play

Server Address:

Port: 10050

Vote Relay System

The vote relay system is not working at this time. Seems to cause the game to restart. I suspect the issue is poor memory management of Minecraft Server. Hopefull I can get this sorted out soon. Worst case scenario, it will have to wait for version 1.13.

Trigger Commands


To teleport to spawn, use the chat command "/trigger spawn set 1".


Home will be set up for youby RedstoneFiend at your request. There is no limit to the number of homes you may have but don't go crazy with this. Once set, the trigger command is used to teleport to it.

Use the command "/trigger home set 1" to teleport to home #1.

Area Protection

Area Protection will be set up for you by RedstoneFiend at your request. Area Protection provides you a 200 block spherical radius of block place/break and chest access protection. Noone will be able to place/break blocks, or pour lava or water. Other players can open doors and operate switches, levers and pressure plates. If someone opens a chest in yur protected area, they instantly die.

Any other player may be added to your protected are at your request. They must be online to be added or removed.